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Cơ sở vật chất của Nhà trường đã được đầu tư đồng bộ: Ký túc xá sinh viên 5 tầng sinh hoạt khép kín; nhà ăn sinh viên, khu giảng đưởng 5 tầng hiện đại, các phòng thực hành chức năng đáp ứng yêu cầu mới về giảng dạy tin học, ngoại ngữ; thư viện với hàng ngàn đầu sách. Các xưởng thực hành với trang thiết bị dạy nghề mới, hiện đại, cập nhật trình độ sản xuất của các doanh nghiệp hiện nay. Cảnh quan Nhà trường xanh, sạch, đẹp...
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About the school

Northern vocational college of economics and technique is a state-owned vocational institution belonging to the national vocational training system. The college is qualified the quality of level 3 (the highest level in Vietnam vocational training system)

The facilities of the college have been synchronously invested, including: a 5-storey self-contained students' dormitory, a students' refectory, a modern 5-storey lecture area, multi-media functional rooms, meeting the new teaching requirements of informatics and foreign languages, a library armed with thousands of book titles. The practice workshops are armed with new and modern vocational training equipments and devices, updating manufacturing standard of enterprises today. The surroundings are green, clean and beautiful.

The college has the mission of training with 3 vocational levels: college, intermediate and primary. The college also links with universities to organize in-service and connected system; organizing science research, applying and transferring technical progress.

The teachers and lecturers are enthusiastic, creative, committed, student-centred.

Training quality is the first and foremost objective, the practice modules are particularly considered important, carry out production activities associated with vocational training.

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